Ultra notebooks will be in the business segment

Monday, December 28, 2009

Notebook manufacturers such as Acer, ASUS and MSI, has recently changed the focus of the line of ultrathin laptops. Now this type of portable computer user is not addressed, and the business segment. Such information shall be communicated to resource Digitimes, by source among manufacturers. Such a move is due to the fact that the main advantages of ultrathin laptops is a long time without charging and small size, while the notebook is more important for custom multimedia capabilities and high performance due to high demand of computer games.

The latest series of notebooks from Acer Travelmate Timeline CULV (model 8371, 8471 and 8571) demonstrate this approach. These devices are targeted more towards business and their cost ranges from $ 900 to $ 1000. The recent release of UL-series of ultra-thin notebooks using the technology of Turbo 33 of ASUS's also designed primarily for those who buy a laptop for work. And, according to information within the company, it is expected that the business solutions among the ultra-thin models will occupy a certain market share in 2010. MSI also plans to release the X-series, which will meet the demands of business class.

In 2009 the market was supplied about 6 million ultra-thin notebooks, which amounted to 3,7% of all deliveries. According to analysts Digitimes, next year will be delivered about 24 million units and ultrathin laptops amount to 12% of the market.