Video cards based on NVIDIA Fermi will be available only in March

Friday, December 4, 2009

architecture Fermi in January 2010. Since the hands of the NVIDIA will be some (albeit limited) amount of data GPU, which have high expectations both within the company and consumers in the camp, the announcement of these chips may be held in late January.

However, volume shipments of graphics processors on the GT300 architecture Fermi, likely to begin towards the end of the first quarter, but the most realistic time of appearance in the sale of graphics cards based on them called in March 2010. Moreover, it is more optimistic scenario, and in case of any problems NVIDIA could easily move those dates for one or two quarters.

Of course, any further delay in the issuance of decisions on the basis of Fermi will be a serious blow to NVIDIA, and so has been postponed several times this event. Some consolation for the graphics giant can only be that the rival ATI has also suffered from a massive deficit of its 40 nm chip RV870.