Windows Mobile 7 will not appear until the end of 2010

Sunday, December 13, 2009

At the event in London, head of the British unit of mobile development Microsoft Phil Moore (Phil Moore) confirmed that the new operating system Windows Mobile 7 will appear on the market until late 2010. It was reported earlier that the Redmond company could submit a new version of its mobile software platform in March next year.

In consolation to all fans of Windows Mobile can only say that such a long wait, obviously, will not be in vain. According to Phil Moore, the new operating system will be flexible and will get an updated user interface is much easier to manage. In this case, Microsoft will focus on the sensory capabilities. In addition, Windows Mobile 7 will be many new features aimed at both the corporate users, and on ordinary consumers.

Interestingly, one of the leaders of Microsoft was generous with compliments to their competitors from Apple. According to him, when Apple only entered the market of mobile software platforms, it immediately set aside all existing rules and traditions, and began to create a completely new product. The result is a platform that has already become a cult iPhone with a beautiful user interface.


Mio Navman Spirit V505 said...

That's a bad news. I was thinking to have this piece in my hand in new year. And I have to wait till 2010 end. OMG it's too long..