YouTube testing 'light' version for quicker loading

Saturday, December 5, 2009

YouTube, as is known, has a fairly simple interface, which should not cause difficulties for users. However, this is not about computers, many of which still have relatively weak hardware stuffing and connected to the slow Internet channels. As a result, have to wait long, when he booted a video to watch it later.

To solve this problem by YouTube staff decided to develop a lightweight version of its service, which should load faster and reduce the load on Internet channels. This project was named Feather and is available in beta testing through TestTube. Among its key features, we note the presence of standard quality player, who, however, will not support HD mode, as well as a smaller number of displayed comments and links to similar videos.


curcuma said...

Well hopefully this lighter version will not make wait for long to those users who connected through the slow internet channels.Hope to see it soon.