10 megapixel camera Pentax Optio E90 - for beginners

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Company Hoya Corporation Pentax Imaging Systems Division has introduced a new 10-megapixel compact camera Pentax Optio E90. As promised manufacturer, offering a variety of convenient, easy and useful features, including a few "magic button", this new model makes the process of photographing a comfortable and pleasant, even for beginners and experts to attract good quality and pictures and video.

Optio E90 is equipped with three-times optical zoom lens with a focal range from 31,5 to 94,5 mm equivalent 35 mm format. Function Intelligent Zoom, increasing the zoom range to 17-fold, if necessary, provide you with even greater approximation without any noticeable deterioration in the quality of images. Also provided a digital system stabilization Optio E90 - the ability to install high sensitivity (up to ISO 1600) and the video stabilization mode (Movie SR). 2.7-inch display has a resolution of 230,000 pixels.

Optio E90 clearly and quickly focuses on the human face, even if the "portrayed" is not in the center of the frame. In addition, the camera can automatically take a picture, when in its field of view of someone smiling (function Smile Capture), to warn the photographer, if at the time the shutter someone blinked, and automatically otkadrirovat Look for tracks in the mode of "Portrait of the average plan . In the Auto Picture mode, the camera work, automatically selecting the most suitable for this story crew program: Landscape, Portrait, Night Scene, Night Portrait, Flowers, Sports or artificial lighting.

Optio E90 compact housing is designed so that the camera was lying comfortably in the hand. Thanks Joining the battery compartment securely holds the camera in hand, and a soft cover Soft-Touch will not allow her to jump out of the hands. Optio E90 as a source of supply practical uses AA batteries. The two ordinary alkaline batteries Optio E90 can do about 220 shots.

"Green Mode" in the camera E90 allows the push of a button the green switch to fully automatic shooting and block some of the settings to exclude the possibility of accidentally shot down. The camera then choose the optimum settings for every shooting situation: the shutter speed and aperture, ISO and many other parameters. Pentax Optio E90 will be available in February. Approximate price is $ 100.