Accessories for Apple iPad - docking station with QWERTY, a convenient carrying case-transformer and other

Thursday, January 28, 2010

In our news is an error message for the announcement of the Tablet PC Apple iPad detailing new items, and its most interesting features. But special mention, perhaps, deserve accessories that Apple has developed for the device. Among them - two docking stations: Regular (iPad Dock) and with a QWERTY keyboard (iPad Keyboard Dock).

In both dock iPad can be installed, connecting with 30-pin connector and the docking station can already be connected to the mains for charging, or to a computer to sync via cable USB Power Adapter. iPad Dock looks like a small stand, and iPad Keyboard Dock is also a QWERTY keyboard, making planshetnik, practically, in a desktop computer.

Another accessory - it iPad Camera Connection Kit. It includes a connector Camera Connector to import photos and video from the camera to iPad via USB cable. A SD Card Reader allows you to similarly copy content from the memory card format SD.

And, finally, case iPad Case. It is intended not just to protect the device from dirt and damage, but also easily transformed into a stand of various types. For example, iPad can give a slightly elevated position for typing or stand upright for video viewing. Very elegant and at the same time, a simple solution.

The cost of carrying case iPad Case is $ 39, Camera Connection Kit - $ 29 and iPad Keyboard Dock - $ 69. It should be noted that this set of accessories as it adds to the possibilities of the tablet USB, SD slot and a keyboard. Very timely, because of their absence has already started talking as the shortcomings of new items.


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