Acer will present its first electronic book, This year

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Head of IT division Acer Jim Wong (Jim Wong) shared the company's plans for the near future. According to him, at the end of June this year, Acer will present its first electronic book. It will be equipped with a 6-inch monochrome display, met on technology E-Ink. First, this device will be sold in five European countries. Furthermore, Acer is going to open your own online store application. It can be found programs for all devices of the manufacturer, like computers and smartphones and communicators.

That is, the catalog online store can be found Acer applications for operating systems such as Android and Windows Mobile, as well as Windows and, potentially, Chrome OS. Initially there will be several hundred titles, and, most of them will be inexpensive or even free. Chrome OS will be used for netbooks Acer, which will be issued in the third quarter of this year. According to Wong, approximately 10% of the company will support netbooks Chrome OS. It is possible that they will once the two operating systems - Windows and Chrome OS.


Present Technology said...

thats really good news for all the acer fans.. :)
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