ASRock H55M-LE - another motherboard chipset Intel H55

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ASRock Taiwanese company is preparing to submit its fifth in a row is a motherboard based on chipset Intel H55. Novelty called H55M-LE, is made in the form-factor micro-ATX and is designed to interact with Intel in the performance of LGA 1156, including the new 32 nm chips Clarkdale. Motherboard ASRock H55M-LE is built on the circuit board in black and equipped with two slots for DDR3 memory modules 2600, an expansion slot PCI-Express x16 ports and four SATA 3.0 Gbps. As the number of supported processor board includes models with an integrated GPU, a number of interfaces and video outputs include D-Sub and DVI.

Among other things, the motherboard ASRock H55M-LE also includes a slot Gigabit Ethernet, integrated 7.1 channel audiochip and Instant Download Instant Boot. The board supports coolers for Intel chips in performance LGA 1156 and LGA 775, and its system BIOS includes a special feature of Turbo 50, which allows you to automatically overclock the CPU, memory and graphics.

Thus, as suggested by the function Turbo 50 can increase overall system performance by 50 percent. Motherboard ASRock H55M-LE should appear on the market next month at a price less than 65 euros.