Browser ACCESS NetFront 4.0: 20 times faster than previous versions

Friday, January 15, 2010

The company announced a new version of the ACCESS NetFront browser numbered 4.0. It is designed for mobile devices, it might be smart phones, communicators, Internet tablets and so forth. To download is available free of charge concept version of NetFront 4.0 for Windows Mobile, the proposal would operate for a limited time - until June 30 this year. And in the future - the release of new versions of the browser versions for other mobile platforms.

According to the developers, the browser NetFront 4.0 was extremely productive "engine" for processing scripts JavaScript. It ensures their implementation is approximately 20 times faster than the NetFront Browser 3.5 - the previous version of your browser. NetFront 4.0 Concept Version for Windows Mobile supports ARM-compatible processors and operating system Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and 6/6.1. The browser is available in English and Japanese languages, you can download it here.