Cheap Players Philips GoGear Ariaz for music and videos

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Philips has introduced the second generation of players of the popular series GoGear Ariaz - SA2ARA04K/02 and SA2ARA08K/02 with memory 4 GB and 8 GB, respectively. Thanks to technology FullSound, players GoGear Ariaz can enjoy clean and natural sounding music in MP3. The patented Philips technology FullSound designed based on the algorithm of final processing of sound, it greatly enriches and improves the sound, restoring lost compression musical detail that allows you to listen to music in the sound, which was conceived by the author.

An important feature of the model range GoGear Ariaz is a 2.4-inch display, through which navigation is becoming easier and more convenient to view video. Holders of these players will not be bored on trips, because they are equipped with a function of downloading videos from the Internet, which allows to download videos from sites like YouTube, MySpace or Google Video.

As in previous versions, players GoGear Ariaz supports audio formats MP3, WMA and AAC. On the screen you can view the video formats AVI, MPEG1, 2 and 4, DVD (vob), MOV, WMV, RM, and WMV. Devices equipped with a built-in FM radio tuner and can provide up to 30 hours of music playback or up to 6 hours of video after full charge. Charging the player is made from a computer via USB port.

Players GoGear Ariaz SA2ARA04K/02 (4 GB) and SA2ARA08K/02 (8 GB) will appear on the Russia market in March 2010. Recommended retail price of 3290 and 3990 rubles, respectively. One of the additions were special soundproof headphones to minimize noise while listening. Developed taking into account the structure of the human ear, they provide a direct transfer of the audio stream high definition directly to the auditory canal.