Google Chrome 4.0 is supported extensions, and the synchronization of bookmarks

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Google Inc. has released a stable public version of its browser Chrome for the number 4.0. Earlier, the new browser was available in pre-beta version, presented in December 2009. Among the interesting innovations implemented in the new version of "chrome" browser, first of all, note a new support formal and informal extensions significantly increase the functionality of Google Chrome.

Thus, the users browser, Chrome 4.0 can get, for example, the ability to check e-mail Gmail. In addition, the new browser versions offer the ability to synchronize bookmarks, thereby providing users with a Google account to transfer the Chrome browser bookmarks to other computers. It should be noted, and significantly increased performance versions of Chrome 4.0. For example, markedly accelerated procedure for rendering images, and the new browser as compared to the previous stable version should pass benchmarks by about 42 percent faster. Among other things, the browser Chrome 4.0 includes support for some technologies related to Web standards HTML5, including interfaces LocalStorage, Database and WebSockets.

However, all these "goodies" in the stable version of Google Chrome, so far available only to users of Windows. However, and Linux fans can also enjoy the new functionality Chrome 4.0, however, still only in beta browser. Regarding version Mac OS X, Internet giant advises users of the software platform to be patient, because Google specialists still working on the integration of new features in Chrome for the Mac. Note that the operating system processes in Mac OS X very often requires significant changes in the process of developing applications, so there was nothing particularly surprising about the delay there.