IDC: Google Android will become the second most popular mobile OS in 2013

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's no secret that the mobile operating system Android, developed with the active participation of corporations Google, is now at the stage of its heyday. The world's leading manufacturers of smart phones, including Motorola, HTC and Samsung, producing more mobile devices on this software platform. Brilliant prospects for Google Android is confirmed by analysts IDC in a recent report.

According to experts, Google Android should be in the coming years to become the fastest growing operating system for smartphones. However, by 2013, according to IDC, Google Android OS will become the second most popular mobile software platform in the world, second only to Symbian.

Currently it is the operating system Symbian, used in most smartphones Nokia, dominates the global market of mobile software platforms. Next come the BlackBerry OS and the iPhone OS, used in the respective mobile devices. However, in the U.S. market leaders have BlackBerry OS and the iPhone OS, occupying respectively the first and second position.

However, due to its very dynamic development of Google Android in the coming years will change the balance of power in this market. This software platform with a much more rapid than those of competitors, the growth will to press the BlackBerry OS and iPhone OS from the second position respectively in the global market and within the United States.