Microsoft released the system requirements for Office 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Although before the release of Microsoft Office 2010 is still more than four months (remember, the final version of the software package should appear in June), information about this product continues to flow. For example, the blog Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering recently appeared some information about system requirements for computers, which will be installed this office suite.

According to Alex Dubek (Alex Dubec), occupying the position of program manager in the department Office Trustworthy Computing Performance, the Microsoft Office 2010 has the same minimum system requirements as its predecessor, Office 2007. This means that for the future office suite will require a processor with a clock speed of 500 MHz and 256 MB of RAM.

Of course, the more powerful computer, the higher the performance of Office 2010, but this statement applies to virtually any program. In addition, applications in the new office package will require 500 MB of disk space than in the case of Office 2007. Also reported that work with Office 2010 will increase the role of graphics, because the new software package will be able to use the computing power of the GPU for rendering images, and other tasks. However, the demands on the chart also low - need a video card or IGP that supports DirectX 9 technology and 64 MB of memory.