NComputing U170 - thin client connecting via USB

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The company introduced a thin client NComputing NComputing U170. According to the company, the world's first hardware-software complex for virtualization jobs with connecting via USB. This decision is based on the simple fact that modern PCs are so powerful that most users will use only a small fraction of their computing power. Thin Client NComputing U170 shared computational resources computer so that it can be simultaneously used by several users.

Terminal U170 connects to a standard USB port on your computer, and software virtualization NComputing vSpace (included) supports the work of a few isolated desktops. U170 is equipped with jacks for connecting additional peripheral devices user. A single computer can be connected up to nine devices U170. Thus for each user are provided with multimedia capabilities up to playing HD video. According to NComputing, easy setup makes the model U170 an ideal solution for schools, businesses, small offices, branch offices and any users who need an effective and inexpensive method to jobs. The appearance of the model U170 on sale in Russia will be announced during the first quarter of 2010.