NETGEAR Push2TV: TV adapter for Intel Wireless Display

Friday, January 15, 2010

Company NETGEAR has announced the release of a small device called NETGEAR Push2TV (PTV1000), with which you can wirelessly intuitive-just show the image on the screen on a widescreen HDTV Laptop TV. Compatible with several models of laptops that use Intel Wireless Display technology and equipped with a new family of processor 2010 Intel Core Processor Family, Push2TV adapter installed in the living room converts into a huge HDTV remote computer monitor without having to pull wires through the living room. Push2TV, which is the size of a little more than a deck of cards, allows home users to wirelessly display on a large TV screen virtually any content from my laptop, including multimedia files, content from a home network, and videos with the most popular web-sites.

Later this month, Best Buy will become the first retailer that will lead to the consumer market exclusive network solutions Series Blue Label 2.0, which consists of three notebooks, developed in conjunction with leading OEM-manufacturers of personal computers.

The complete solution consists of NETGEAR Push2TV, connected to the TV, and technologies Intel Wireless Display, which is built into laptops with next-generation processor family, in 2010 Intel Core. Intel Wireless Display real-time reads in full frame generated by the display and sends the compressed video and audio directly to Push2TV with technology Intel My WiFi - the first in the industry of commercial solutions for personal wireless Wi-Fi Personal Area Network (PAN) or Wi - Fi Direct, which creates a high-speed wireless connection at a small distance between the laptop and Push2TV. Compared with other decisions in which the set-top box connects to your home network or gateway, Push2TV reduces the overhead bandwidth wireless network to 50 percent.

The new adapter NETGEAR Push2TV (PTV1000) will appear in Russia by early summer of 2010. Push2TV will be sold to end customers at a price of about 4000 rubles, or bundled with some models of computers at special prices. Notebooks Best Buy Blue Label 2.0 will be sold at retail price of $ 899.99 (U.S.). Addition to the use of technology Wireless Display, notebooks Blue Label 2.0 differ reduced weight and extended battery life.