Nokia has demonstrated the concept of interface Symbian ^ 4

Friday, January 15, 2010

Although the operating system Symbian ^ 3 is still not released in Nokia have already started work on the creation of its successor - Symbian ^ 4. The Internet has been demonstrated early conceptual studies the interface of the system. Is based upon Qt framework, Symbian ^ 4 should simplify the user interface of the operating system Symbian S60. In particular it will be free to post screen widgets, context menu for a list of objects, four library of custom images (Contacts, Applications, Music, Photo), improved switch between tasks, redesigned Control Panel, etc.

It should be noted that many of the processing run counter to traditional solutions operating system Symbian S60, which is caused by the desire to adopt the best practices of competitors (iPhone OS, webOS). At the same time, some unique features remain. So Symbian ^ 4 would be "unique page", although the user will see an interface similar to mnogopanelnomu screen applied in the Android OS.

Functional readiness OS Symbian ^ 4 is expected in late 2010, and the first device with this system did not appear before 2011. Such an early demonstration of the conceptual scheme of the interface is dictated by the desire to know the opinion of both end users and application developers to demonstrate the direction of Symbian.