Updating Zune 4.2 hints at next Microsoft smartphone

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Very often, information about future products of a company is moving to the Internet in unexpected ways, including through a software update. In the past, experts found thus indications of a coming release of the products Apple. And now came the "light" and solutions from Microsoft.

In a very minor update to Zune 4.2, designed, as you may imagine, for the software player Zune, revealed a rather interesting link. They may well be regarded as indirect confirmation of Microsoft's plans to release its own smartphone features with the Zune. On the possibility of this saying not so long ago in his research analyst at Jefferies & Co Katherine Egbert (Katherine Egbert).

For example, the file INF, is responsible for the identification of the hardware drivers, besides the usual lists Zune has just three links to something called Phone.DeviceDesc, which is then noted in the description simply as a phone. Because these links should refer only to real devices, such as indications hint at three phones under the brand of Microsoft, whose support the Zune software may be required in the near future.