Video: Tablet PC HP Slate in the hands of the technical director of the company

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Company Hewlett-Packard (HP) presented a video in which its chief technology officer Phil McKinney (Phil McKinney) tells Shlender Greta (Greta Schlender) - spokesperson HP - on a Tablet PC is already known as the HP Slate (not a fact that is the commercial name ). It was his show during his speech before the start of the exhibition CES 2010 Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Now Phil McKinney at five-minute clip showed a working Tablet PC HP Slate and revealed some details about its release.

Technical details about this product, in turn, a little. We only know that he is running the operating system Windows 7. On the screen you can see the browser. McKinney said that the device - it is not just a concept or a prototype, it expects commercial release later this year. And this decision has been developed for quite some time - more than two years ago, but decided to release it only now. According to McKinney, positively influenced the current level of development of hardware and software. He also noted that the model will be sold at an affordable price, although the specific amount is not mentioned.