12-inch tablet JooJoo again postponed - until March 25

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fusion Garage Company announced that its tablet JooJoo be released only on 25 March, but not at the end of February, as promised. According to her, in the production process there is a problem, which, however, was quickly detected and corrected. But the issue still had to be postponed for about a month. Company Fusion Garage apologized for the delay.

Recall, this project was originally a joint: it was attended by journalists blog TechCrunch and Singapore's Fusion Garage. The device was supposed to go as CrunchPad, but in December last year the company Fusion Garage independently submitted it under the name JooJoo. The model features 12.1-inch capacitive touch screen, built on the ARM processor and is running on UNIX. Also in those characteristics - 4 GB of internal flash memory, an accelerometer and a wireless adapter Wi-Fi. As previously reported, the cost of a tablet JooJoo is $ 499. Manufacturer sees his rival Apple iPad.