ASUS intends to become "another Apple"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

ASUS has not presented at CES 2010 a large range of interesting products, but it is not caused by the decline of the company and its work on promising projects. According to board chairman John ASUSTek Chiha (Jonney Shih), the company intends to become "another Apple», but unlike thereof, will use in their development of open platforms combine the solutions based on ARM products, and Google or Microsoft and Intel - the choice remains for the consumer . In addition, Mr. Shih has promised that in the month of June ASUS introduced the "killer product".

Unfortunately, no precise information about what kind of "killer" product is not followed. It is known that on June 1 will formal separation of the production ASUS - the company Pegatron, and from June 24 brands ASUS and Pegatron will be indicated in parallel. Will this separation affect the production of the "deadly" devices are not clear. The most logical assumption would be that talked about planshetnike series Eee PC, which can be built on a platform of NVIDIA Tegra 2. According to rumors, it was under the brand Pegatron in late June to be submitted to a product. While there is no unanimous opinion, what is at stake, but indicated that the device will refer to the price range of less than 500 dollars.