BCC Alex - a simple notebook for Dummies

Friday, February 26, 2010

Company Broadband Computer Company (BCC) announced a 15-inch laptop for the simple name of Alex. The device is as simple as its name: it is designed for users who are not particularly well versed in modern technology and the computer - for you. Alex completed a particular flash drive, without which it simply will not work. Installing it into a USB port, you will have access to the operating system based on Linux, an interface which provides some of the most essential parts: e-mail, Internet, media player, contact list, photo editor and image viewer. There are also office applications (word processor and spreadsheets) that are compatible with the documents Microsoft Office.

In fact, BCC Alex - is a modified laptop Clevo M760T with 1.66 GHz Celeron CPU, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB hard drive, DVD drive and wireless adapter Wi-Fi. Obviously, such a notebook useful for novice users, only teaching them the basics of computer literacy, for example, children or, conversely, people old age. Cost BCC Alex is 400 pounds ($ 620) plus $ 15 or $ 40 per month, depending on whether the user will need to connect to the broadband network.