Ericsson held a demonstration of LTE networks at speeds of 1 Gbps

Thursday, February 18, 2010

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona company Ericsson has set a world record, demonstrating the network of LTE, provides data transfer speed in the direction of the subscriber to 1 Gbps.

To date, Ericsson have entered into contracts for the deployment of commercial LTE-networks with the five largest global operators: AT & T (USA), Verizon (USA), TeliaSonera (Norway and Sweden), MetroPCS (USA) and DoCoMo (Japan).

For this first demonstration of the technology used data on multiple carriers, the antenna configuration of MIMO, as well as commercial LTE-equipment Ericsson. This combination made it possible to achieve data rates of 1 Gbps. In the demonstration, four carriers to 20 MHz, only 80 MHz, as well as the configuration of 4x4 MIMO; data is transmitted over the air in four independent bitstreams.