Four new ThinkPad notebook provides the performance and long-term autonomous operation

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The company Lenovo introduced four new mobile PC series ThinkPad: Notebooks T410s, T410 and T510, as well as mobile workstation ThinkPad W510. Compact ThinkPad T410S position as a solution for mobile users, but powerful ThinkPad T410 and T510 are designed to solve typical business problems. Mobile workstation ThinkPad W510 meets the requirements of professionals in the oil and gas industry, the field of computer design, suitable for photographers and designers.

The new notebook models come with a wide range of new chips Intel Core. Combining Intel Core vPro, of software and hardware solutions Lenovo ThinkVantage allows you to remotely service the fleet of laptops, to change the power settings, configure network connections. In addition, the technology is Intel Turbo Boost in the workstation ThinkPad W510, and T-series laptops will automatically distributes the load on the processor, delivering high performance at the precise moment when it is needed.

ThinkPad W510 - a mobile workstation with high performance. ThinkPad W510 supports the installation of up to 16 GB of RAM and can be equipped with quad-core processors Intel Core i7. This notebook is equipped with 4 slots for memory standard, DDR3 1333 MHz up to 16GB, and can be equipped with NVIDIA graphics card with 1GB of internal memory. He also became the first ThinkPad with the support of standard USB 3.0.

ThinkPad T410s now supports Switchable Graphics from Nvidia, and gives the user a choice between high performance graphics-intensive applications and long battery life. For the first time in notebooks W-series, the ThinkPad W510 can be equipped with touch-screen technology to support MultiTouch. Optional color calibrator, first used in the workstation ThinkPad W700, provides accurate color on screen, high resolution and extended color gamut.

With the new 9-cell flat battery notebooks ThinkPad T410, T510 and W510 can work all day without charging. Laptop ThinkPad T410s battery capacity ensures extended battery life up to 22 hours. Models can also be equipped with built-in Qualcomm Gobi 2000, which allows you to connect to the Internet via cellular network standard 3G.

Notebooks ThinkPad T410s, T410, T510 and W510 will be available in Russia in February 2010.