Heavy-duty Camera Olympus STYLUS TOUGH-6020 and STYLUS TOUGH-8010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Today, along with ultrazoom SP-800UZ and SP-600UZ in a series Olympus Stylus Tough Company presented and protected by two cameras: STYLUS TOUGH 6020 and 8010. Like all such devices, these cameras are designed for very extreme conditions of the shooting. Model STYLUS TOUGH 6020 is designed to dive to a depth of 5 meters, falling from heights up to 1,5 meters and the possibility of photographing at ambient temperature of minus 10 degrees Celsius. If anyone of these opportunities may seem small, the camera Olympus STYLUS TOUGH-8010 are even stronger - diving depth of 10 meters and a drop height - up to 2 meters. Both models have a body resistant to scratches.

With regard to the photographic side, there is nothing unusual. Cameras equipped with 14-megapixel matrix, wide-lens with a 5-fold optical zoom and 2.7-inch screen, an image which can be discerned in sunny weather. In the apparatus system is used for mechanical and digital stabilization, "intelligent" tracking autofocus and "magic" filters to create special effects. Difference model Olympus STYLUS TOUGH-8010 in addition to more durable shell is the 2 GB of internal memory (the younger - 1 GB) and integrated pressure gauge.

In the sale of Olympus STYLUS TOUGH-6020 and STYLUS TOUGH-8010 must be submitted in March this year at $ 300 and $ 400 respectively.