Microsoft will release in Japan, 250 GB hard drive for Xbox 360

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

In the next month, Microsoft will start selling the hard disk of 250 GB for its Xbox 360 game console. However, while he will be released only on the Japanese market. Sales start on March 11, the cost of hard drive would be 15 540 yen, equivalent to about $ 172. This will be the first time that 250 GB hard drive for the Xbox 360 is sold as a separate product. In other regions it is already available, but only bundled with new game console.

In the current version of the console, Microsoft Xbox 360 hard drive size is, a maximum of 120 GB. New Winchester, respectively, twice more than ample, it can be written much more content for a game console: downloaded from the online store Microsoft Xbox Live Marketplace programs, TV shows, movies and so on. However, outside of Japan as a separate product it is unlikely to appear soon, said Kay Iwasaki (Kei Iwasaki), a representative of Microsoft in Tokyo.