Printer Prepeat saves paper, erasing the printed documents

Monday, February 8, 2010

What does the pen, do not cut down with an ax - remember this Russian proverb? Japanese engineer decided to deny this wisdom, creating a printer ... erasing previously printed documents. In other words, the novelty can erase the text, printed on a sheet of special paper, and use this list again.

New printer called Prepeat and has the ability to print on one sheet up to a thousand times, after erasing the pre-existing text. Of course, for the implementation of this functionality will require a special plastic paper, and the printer is equipped with a special thermal head, which can erase and re-printed on plastic surfaces without losing image quality.

Perhaps, the only drawback Prepeat printer is its price. The printer itself costs 500 000 yen (about 5517 dollars), plus the need to add the price of plastic paper, which stands 3300 dollars per pack in thousands of pages. These prices make the invention of Japanese specialists disadvantageous for use in home offices or small firms.

However, large companies with a large document, it seems, may well benefit from it a considerable advantage. Do not forget the fact that the printer Prepeat does not require ink and other consumables (except for the very plastic paper). Thus, this device can reduce the pollution that is important in light of the increasingly strong global environmental trend.