Processor Marvell ARMADA 618 supports 3D graphics and work with Full HD Video

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Well-known manufacturer of microelectronic components for mobile devices Marvell company has expanded its line of processors ARMADA another solution. Novelty called ARMADA 618 and is designed for next-generation smartphones with support for HD graphics.

According to the developers, the new processor Marvell ARMADA 618, as well as other products in this series, has a capacity of class PCs. It is noted that the chip is able to cope with the encoding and decoding video in Full HD resolution, as well as work with high-quality three-dimensional graphics.

The new mobile processor Marvell ARMADA 618 is based on developed by ARMv7 chip, which has a capacity of "gigahertz-class" and thus placed in a package measuring just 12 x 12 mm. In addition, the processor Marvell ARMADA 618 is compatible with the LP-DDR1 memory and LP-DDR2 at up to 533 MHz.

Among other things, the chip Marvell ARMADA 618 supports synchronous connect up to four displays with a total resolution of 2K x 2K, as well as technology DirectX, Open GL ES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1 and rendering images at 45 million triangles per second. Processor ARMADA 618 supports interaction with software platforms, Linux, Android and Windows Mobile, as well as technology Adobe Flash, and will be demonstrated at Marvell Congress MWC 2010 in Barcelona.