SK Telecom first in the world begins to commercialize Smart SIM cards

Thursday, February 18, 2010

South Korean mobile operator at held in Barcelona, Mobile World Congress announced its plans for commercial launch in May of this year's high-Smart SIM card, thus becoming the first company in the world, commercially launched this type of card.

Presented Smart SIM cards are designed for installation in mobile terminals with support for third-generation networks and USIM cards, and are equipped with high-performance processors at the core ARM9, as well as built-in memory capacity of 1 GB.

These maps have enhanced phonebook with the ability to store up to 500 contacts, as well as a variety of multimedia content, including MP3 files, games, pictures, and preinstalled applications including and designed for the operating system Android. This will allow subscribers by changing your phone (but no SIM card) to keep the entire purchased and downloaded content, and immediately use it on the new machine.