DSCon introduced the first accelerator SAN-based solid-state memory

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

DSCon company introduced the first storage system based on solid state memory, accelerating the speed of reading and writing for critical applications, and increases the overall performance storage area network SAN. As noted by the company, FalconStor NSS SAN Accelerator doubles performance SAN, providing high-speed access to stored data with minimal delay at a lower cost than traditional solutions.
FalconStor NSS SAN Accelerator combines FalconStor Network Storage Server (NSS) Gateway, the device flash memory Violin 1010 and on data warehousing FalconStor to create a virtual SAN, based on new or existing storage resources, where an array of solid state memory is used as the cache platform for all queries data applications that require high-speed input / output.

FalconStor SAN Accelerator uses a tier of storage based on solid-state memory to speed up write operations and read through two unique facilities: SafeCache and HotZone. Storage resources of this stage can be assigned to data from individual applications, or for the entire storage environment, allowing intelligent algorithms SafeCache HotZone accelerate performance of applications where it is most needed.

Laboratory tests FalconStor NSS SAN Accelerator, held in FalconStor, showed that such a cache size of 1% of the total storage capacity increases the overall performance of the SAN more than 100%. According to the company, the external memory subsystem Violin 1010 - is the industry's first device supporting a scalable memory DRAM and NAND flash memory speed intended for a wide range of applications, including databases, real-time analysis and high-performance data storage. Subsystems Violin 1010 memory use technology switched Violin Switched Memory (VXM) and provide a built-in RAID memory with the possibility of "hot-swappable modules. Direct connection of subsystems by using the connection PCI Express (PCIe).

Subsystems Violin 1010 with flash module supports SLC Flash VIMM of 32 or 64 GB and has a maximum capacity of 4 TB. Violin Flash technology significantly improves performance efficiency and performance of storage with Flash memory in data centers, and allows for more than 200 000 write operations per second (blocks of 4K). Subsystems with Flash modules provide two times higher storage capacity than corporate solutions with drives SSD, while the total lower cost of more than 50%.