Full support for Flash will appear in Windows Phone 7 Series, but not in Windows Mobile 6.x

Thursday, March 11, 2010

According to Mike Chambers (Mike Chambers) of the development team of the company Adobe, she is currently working with Microsoft to create versions of Flash Player 10.1 for Internet Explorer Mobile browser, the new operating system Windows Phone 7 Series. Previously, Adobe has already mentioned its plans to add support for Flash features Windows Phone 7 Series, but now it is almost an official confirmation. However, as she noted earlier, for previous versions of OS - Windows Mobile 6.x - full Flash technology provides will not, although they already subscribe to its "lite" version of Flash Lite.

Chambers did not disclose the specific terms of issuance of Flash-player for the new mobile operating system, Microsoft. Maybe some details will have on the Microsoft MIX conference next week. It is, Microsoft has promised to provide more information for developers. With regard to the issuance of the first devices based on Windows Phone 7 Series, it is expected this autumn. Probably the first model will come on the market in September and October. It is possible, support for Flash will have them originally.