In the U.S., 4G phones will appear next summer

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Technical Director, Verizon Wireless, Anthony Malone (Anthony Melone) in an interview with The Wall Street Journal reported that the first 4G phones go on sale in mid-2011. Unnamed model (did not mention either the name or manufacturer) will be available to users in about a year after the launch of Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks, and almost six months before a certain deadline. All initially received handsets will have a separate module to work in the LTE-networks and individual radio module for the standard CDMA, because the coverage of the fourth generation networks will be relatively small, and the device being a device to acquire a limited radius of action no one would.

For Verizon Wireless networks, the introduction of the fourth generation will mean more and the transition from unlimited plans to take account of traffic. At the same time in the U.S. there is a problem which consists in the fact that users are wary of plans for a limit, because the company is suspected of improper accounting flow of traffic. There is also a risk that the limited available frequencies will lead to layers of transmission between the networks 3G and 4G. But this contradiction, of course, will be decided by displacing the third generation networks, as LTE-equipment is cheaper, and potentially can provide greater bandwidth.

The main competitor in the U.S. market, the company AT & T, should be in the same graph. It is known that the LTE-network of the operator will be ready no earlier than 2011. At the same time will be submitted and 4G phone AT & T. We have previously reported that Apple iPhone is now testing phone designed to work in the LTE-networking company Verizon.