Microsoft tells developers about Windows Phone 7

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In Las Vegas, started IT conference MIX10, the first day, Microsoft has told about the benefits of the new OS Windows Phone 7 for developers. Recall, Windows Phone 7 is built on a fundamentally new software platform and will support applications written for 6.5, however, Microsoft has promised to support the last several years.

At the same time, the advantage of Windows Phone 7 will be a new promising platform for application development and standardization of hardware characteristics. The last is necessary to create a line of devices, use the experience to be determined was conceived, designers and programmers, Microsoft, rather than a specific form factor, or manufacturer.

The new platform will support the technology Silverlight and XNA Framework. With a single platform and a set of libraries, developers can create applications for Windows Phone 7, web, PC and Xbox with minimal differences, only adjusting them according to different screen resolutions.

Also announced was a free set of tools for, allowing to create applications for Windows Phone 7. It consists of Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, complement Windows Phone 7 for Visual Studio (for those who already have experience of development in this environment) and the emulator Windows Phone 7 Series.

No less important change for developers to become a new concept of Windows Marketplace. The updated application allows the user to store in one place to get applications, games, music, updates and additions to operators and manufacturers, etc. For developers use Windows Marketplace will become easier and more affordable. Ability to receive free registration novice programmers - program participants DreamSpark.

In addition, was given a very impressive list of companies which are already engaged in content creation, as well as the development of applications and games for Windows Phone 7. This suggests that the very first buyers of Windows will have access to all necessary applications and services. A year later, when officials will begin delivery of Windows Phone 7 in Russia, the number and quality of applications is likely to overtake Windows Phone 6.5.