New line of 32-nm chips Intel Xeon 5600 (Westmere-EP) before it officially

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For a family of server processors Intel today began a new era of 32-nm technology. The Corporation formally introduced a new line of chips Xeon 5600 (code-named Westmere-EP), which included six-and quad-core models. Note that in addition to more "subtle" manufacturing process, these 32-nm CPU got two new security features - Intel Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel AES-NI) and Intel Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT).

These functions allow to speed up the encoding and decoding data and, as stated, will lead to increased productivity by 60 percent compared to 45 nm Xeon 5500 chips. At the same time a new line of 32-nm Intel Xeon processor 5600 (Westmere-EP) includes a model with a clock speed of 1.86 GHz to 3.46 GHz and a TDP of their ranges from 40 to 130 watts.

In addition, the new server processors Intel Xeon 5600 (Westmere-EP) are equipped with HyperThreading support and implement the 8 and 12 computing threads on models with four and six cores, respectively. There is also 12 MB of cache in the third level and an integrated memory controller is DDR3. Note that the leading server vendors, including companies Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, IBM and Oracle are already preparing their decisions based on the new 32 nm Xeon 5600 chips.