Nintendo DS2: screen and its resolution will increase

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Release a game console, Nintendo DSi XL has held only in Japan, but the Internet already has information about the next generation of devices. Plans to develop Nintendo DS2, the official name of which is not yet known, became aware of the messages at the exhibition GDC 2010. The console will still be of a design with two screens, but each of them will be more: grow the resolution and diagonal, and will feature the use of two panels as a single widescreen display.

Also in terms of hardware innovation will be the position sensor in space. Its appearance may indicate that Nintendo's console is considered not only as a gaming device, but multimediapleer and device for reading electronic books. At the same time it is expected that dev kit will be just as powerful as a GameCube, but game developers reported that they had useful experience in creating games for the GameCube and / or Wii. However, even the developers complain about the lack of information about the planned console.

Previously, information appeared that Nintendo DS2 will have a graphics adapter Nvidia Tegra, which suggests the target dates for completion of development. Sam adapter will be ready in the third quarter of 2010, and the devices based on it will appear in the fourth. If Nintendo will not delay release of a new generation of consoles (for example, due to successful sales of the current), the DS2 can appear before the end of the year.