OCZ Technology minimizes the production and sale of computers Hypersonic PC

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Three years ago, OCZ Technology acquired Hypersonic PC, who produced the game computers and laptops. Some time ago, online rumors that, in connection with the crisis of the market and falling sales of models produced by data provider, OCZ Technology is planning to sell the production. In this regard, it was officially denied, but now it finally became clear that the OCZ abandons development of this business.

It is unclear whether the firm Hypersonic PC sold or is closed, but the official website of the company said that new orders are not accepted, though the old liabilities shall remain in force and warranty services sold models will continue. Company OCZ is not interested in investing in the development of the computer sector and focus on core activities. By the main lines of development were classified as development and production of solid-state drives, computer power supplies and memory. According to executive vice president Alex Mey (Alex Mei), «the computer business did not fit to this spectrum of interests."