Apple iTV will be released in September and "change everything"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kevin Rose (Kevin Rose), who is the founder of the famous portal of Digg, said with reference to insider sources of information about the new media player iTV. Recall, this new model name of Apple TV, which according to unofficial sources, the new version will work under the operating system iOS. According to Rose, a device released in September and will cost $ 99. The emergence of iTV, as he said, "change everything".


For example, there will be applications for the iTV, which can be downloaded online store App Store, it will be the program for viewing and recording video, interactive news and, of course, games. And all this through the TV console, can be seen on the TV screen. Moreover, iTV will be available through the advertising platform iAds. Also, the new device will help to quickly publish photos and videos online, and iPad can be used as a remote control for iTV. With it, users can control games, edit video and so on.