Brother has developed a micro-display for secret documents

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brother Company has announced a new prototype retinal display (RID-Retinal Imaging Display) AiRScouter, which is the glasses with fixed front lens, a miniature display, weighing about 35 grams. AiRScouter, with the help of laser beams is formed on the retina of the eye color image equivalent to the screen with an area of 16 square inches, observed from a distance of 1 meter. New products will be presented at the conference Brother World 2010, held in September 2010 in Tokyo.

The new prototype provides a clearer picture by improving the optical scanning device and, if necessary, can consolidate on Micro-rimmed "glasses". This AiRScouter not reduce the visual field, since the image is projected on the retina from a point source of light through the transparent lens. With AiRScouter users are able to confidential documents and images that can not see around.

Performance retinal display as points you can work with documents and directories in a confined space, with both hands Users are free.

The device consists of three modules: a light source, optical scanning device and the module itself points. The light source module company managed to significantly reduce the size and weight, in addition, unlike the previous prototype new AiRScouter be supplied from batteries. The development is based on the achievements of Brother in the design of optical systems used in laser printers, as well as in pezoelektronnyh technology used in inkjet printers.

The first device based on the Brother RID (stationary) has been demonstrated at the exhibition in the Japanese city of Aichi, in 2005. In 2008, Brother developed the first portable device (in the form of points) of this type, and in 2009 for he had identified potential areas of application and reduced the size of the supply unit, which directly generates light rays. In commercial production AiRScouter scheduled for launch in 2010.

Technical specifications of Brother AiRScouter:

    * External power:
          o Sources of light - red / green / blue laser diodes
          o Dimensions - mm 95h170h30
          o Weight - 350 grams
    * Retinal display (RID, except the frame and cable):
          o Resolution - SVGA (800x600 pixels)
          o refresh rate - 60 Hz
          o Viewing angle - about 18 º x 13,5 º
          o Present the volume - 22 cubic centimeters
          o Weight - about 35 grams