Canon EOS 7D SV - version of the powerful reflex with "parental control"

Friday, August 20, 2010

Canon has announced an updated version of its SLR digital camera EOS 7D. Novelty was named Canon EOS 7D Studio Version (SV), she received a number of additional features.

For example, one feature allows you to restrict access to foreign settings. More precisely, we can make available to change only some basic features. It is useful to those who share his "big camera" with friends or take her children, and on her return to the owner finds its configuration hopelessly whipped. Moreover, the required level 4 block from mild to very severe.

Another addition to the Canon EOS 7D SV - a Canon Barcode Solution. This bar code reader, which then can be correlated with photos for a quick and easy creation of the database. Wireless Transmitter WFT-E5A for new items, as well as for the original model, is also proposed. Otherwise, the characteristics of Canon EOS 7D SV previous - 18 MP sensor, 3-inch display, support for high-definition video and so on. The cost of "carcass" new "reflex" is $ 1830, and together with wireless transmitter - $ 2600.