Cowon X7 Media Player with the hard drive still exists

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The global network of new information on the music player Cowon X7. Rumors about him go for a long time - since 2007, but the device has not been submitted. And now an emerging new product endorsed by the organizations Bluetooth SIG and FCC. However, data on its website a little control: mentioned only support wireless interface Bluetooth 2.0. With regard to informal data, they are a little more. For example, we know that this media player will be 1.8-inch hard drive.

This has the advantage capacious storage, because the amount of hard drive can exceed 100 GB and this opportunity will be offered, probably for quite a reasonable amount. Also, it is likely that Cowon X7 is running an operating system Android. Appearances other information, as well as photographs or images of your player. just have to wait. Not clear, when it goes on sale, but judging by the certification of Bluetooth SIG and the FCC, it could happen fairly soon.