The flagship ATI graphics card with two 40 nm GPU - this year

Monday, August 23, 2010

In the network appeared rumors about the latest graphics adapters from ATI new generation, codenamed AMD Southern Islands. Well-informed sources tentatively include it in the series ATI Radeon 6000, because it will represent a new high-quality solution. Apparently, this is a new flagship graphics card from ATI and it will come later this year. Supposedly the issue could be held in October-November or later. The new accelerator, codenamed AMD Southern Islands will be the successor to the ATI Radeon HD 5970 and immediately receive two new-generation graphics processor, made on 40 nm technology.

Processors AMD Southern Islands are a transition stage to a new, more "thin" chips Northern Islands, which will be performed on the norms of 28 nm manufacturing process. At the same time, the competitor AMD, the company NVIDIA, too "never sleeps", although it is not known that she would oppose ATI Radeon 6000. But there is information that the 28 nm GPUs it will release next year.