Full HD Media Center Ellion MR-3150E

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The company "Digital Systems" presented Full HD Media Center Ellion MR-3150E. In the arsenal of high-speed news media processors Realtek RTD1283DD and 512 MB of memory. Media Center provides support for basic modern codecs, containers and formats: Blu-Ray and DVD images and folders full c structure, codecs AVC-1, H.264, files to MKV, TS, M2TS, WMV9, AVI, etc. (Including "non-standard" files from the torrent tracker), Lossless Audio (Lossless compression) formats FLAC and APE, there is also support for the original DVD menu, play Blu-Ray image of a "click" remote.

This ensures playback of Full HD resolution 1920h1080p. Disk configuration provides a stationary internal hard drive (to 2 terabytes) and a compartment for mobile external hard drive (such as hot swap). The total capacity can be expanded with external USB 2.0 hard drives and USB hubs (which is allowed hot plug). There is a support file system NTFS, including reading, writing, creating and deleting files and folders, copy (with any to any media), and file management tools to the recorder.

Extensive communication capabilities include a set of multimedia interfaces, including HDMI v 1.3, SPDIF optical and coaxial. Ppodklyuchenie to the AV-receiver provides transmission of multi-channel HD audio RAW for subsequent decoding.

Networking features include support for SAMBA, NFS, FTP, UPNP. Smoothly playback content from any PC or home network, NAS is performed by buffering mechanism. With the BitTorrent protocol can be self-loading files from the network to the hard drive and the subsequent distribution. Managing media center network is available through "My Network Places» Windows and through the web interface. Remote control - via FTP over the Internet.

Among other features - built-in tuner DVB-T, recorded in the format HD H.264 (container TS), timer recording, an electronic guide, playing with "timeshifting", record from external analog sources (VCR, camcorder), the capture and digitization of format MPEG2 (720x576), support for external Blu-Ray and DVD optical drives.

Suggested retail prices for the media center Ellion MR-3150E are: 7800 rubles (device without hard drives installed), 9,900 rubles (the device hard drive 1 TB), 10 900 rubles (the device hard drive 1,5 TB).