"ICQ" under threat! New virus stole thousands of accounts

Monday, August 16, 2010

Today, August 16, many users Messenger ICQ victims of a malicious program called Snatch. Offer download Snatch.exe account holders ICQ received from their contacts (of course, already infected). And several thousand users, despite the obvious danger of such dubious actions have done so, after which their computer was infected with the virus. The fact is that the automatic system, distributing malicious software, with a few simple phrases sometimes managed to "persuade" his companion, masquerading as this user. In other words, the victims do not recognize that communicates with a bot, not the friend of man, whose contact with the upload files.

Once infected, the virus Snatch, ICQ user lose access to your account, because it username and password are stolen and subsequently used for the dissemination of the same file. According to computer security experts to clean your computer from Snatch, you want to delete in Windows Task Manager process Snatch.exe, also remove all these entries from the registry, reinstall ICQ and reset your password. Although the best, of course, immediately abandon download this file (its size - 916.5 kb), even if it offers a seemingly reliable contact. It is worth noting. that at the moment Snatch recognize not all antivirus software.