IdeaCentre A700 - PC slim candy bar-c 23-inch display

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lenovo is presented on the Russian market a new desktop computer-monoblock IdeaCentre A700. The stylish model has become one of the finest in its class: the minimum shell thickness of 22.5 millimeters. Monoblock is equipped with optional touch screen support MultiTouch and proprietary software Lenovo.

Thin monoblock IdeaCentre A700 - a home computer for gaming and entertainment. The model is equipped with 23-inch display with a resolution of Full HD (1920x1080 pixels) and comes with the latest Intel Core i7 processors with embedded Turbo Boost. PCs can be equipped with 8 GB of RAM standard DDR3 and data storage capacity of 2 TB. It is suitable for viewing high-definition movies. Sound is also at a height thanks to the support standard Dolby Home Theater and stereo system, developed by experts JBL.

Monoblocks IdeaCentre A700 certification program Lenovo Enhanced Experience, which saves time on startup and shutdown of the operating system Windows 7, and also provides extensive support for multimedia functions. The new models are equipped with card reader 5-in-1 USB connectors on the rear and side surfaces, HDMI interface for connecting external devices such as home TV, camcorder or game console. In addition, monoblocks equipped module Wi-Fi, as well as the original system of data protection Lenovo Rescue System.

IdeaCentre A700 comes with wireless keyboard and mouse, used to connect to a computer protocol Bluetooth. Monoblock will be on sale in Russian shops in autumn 2010.


best buy aplliances said...

Lenovo surely is going a lot upgraded nowadays! this display is so cool!