Intel demonstrates solution Knights Ferry to accelerate the work of server systems

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Despite the decision at the time the decision to cancel production of graphics processors Larrabee, Intel continues to use some features of these chips in their new products. More proof that were reported on a demonstration architecture Intel MIC and solutions under the name of Knights Ferry, for the server market.

The latter product is part of the original program MIC (Many Intel Cores), work in which the focus on solutions to accelerate the computation in server systems. And, unlike the draft multi-core Tera-Scale, which we have repeatedly reported the news, in Knights Ferry as the basis used graphics architecture.

According to the known details, the current sample graphics accelerator Knights Ferry employs 32 core x86 and frequency of 1.2 GHz and supports 4-way HyperThreading, that allows him to simultaneously handle 128 streams of instructions. In addition, there is 8 MB unified cache memory of the second level, coupled with GDDR5 graphics memory up to 2 GB. Thus, Intel plans to compete in the market of visual computing with products such as AMD FireStream and NVIDIA Tesla.