The largest sensor! Canon prepares the camera for video in the moonlight

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Canon has announced a new CMOS sensor which allows to get good video quality in low light conditions. We recall not so long ago we wrote about 120 megapixel CMOS sensor Canon, and now the company already boasts a new achievement. According to the manufacturer, the new solution is the largest CMOS sensor in the world: its dimensions are 202 x 205 mm. In fact, the new sensor is 40 times more commercial record holders in size from Canon.

As the company with the development have an opportunity to take photographs during the illumination of a hundred times worse than the required SLR digital cameras professional level. The main thing to achieve a new design, Canon is that it is capable of capturing video at 60 frames per second in light only 0.3 lux. This measure, approximately, has a moonlight night. This lighting - just one hundredth of sufficient illumination for 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor, so you can shoot with it.

According to the company, its new offer is optimal for shooting stars, or animal behavior, nocturnal. While it is not known when the camera went on sale on the basis of this sensor Canon.