The Logitech Wireless in the body streamlined

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Logitech has introduced a set of full-size wireless keyboard and mouse Logitech Wireless Combo MK520. The keyboard provides the user with a comfortable typing with more soft and rounded contours of the keys, thereby making it easier to slip your fingers on the keyboard, and providing them with support. The ergonomic shape of laser mouse with soft rubberized side inserts is ideal for both right-handed and left-handed.

The streamlined design of the keyboard and slightly concave design noiseless keys Logitech Incurve keys repeat form finger pads, allowing users to easily slide from one key to another. The keyboard has a three-year warranty of the battery and provides access to the management of media, so users can instantly turn off the sound on your computer or go to the next song without using the mouse.

Full-sized mouse, specifically designed for both right and left hand, allows you to have a hand in a natural way through an ergonomic design with soft rubberized side panels. One set of batteries will last for a year of the mouse. According to Logitech, the laser provides users with highly accurate control on virtually any surface except glass and mirrors.

Logitech Unifying receiver is so small that it can keep always stuck in the laptop, even when the user is in transit. Due to this keyboard and mouse ready to go at any time when required to the user. The receiver uses a wireless connection Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz, almost completely eliminates the delay or unexpected disconnect devices within a radius of 10 meters. Plus 128-bit AES encryption ensures user security information transmitted from the keyboard to the receiver in the computer. Kit Logitech Media Combo MK520 is expected in Europe in early August for a suggested retail price of 59.99 euros.