The new Micro MCI900 from Philips - live sound from all sides

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Philips has introduced a new microsystem MCI900 with speakers SoundSphere. As the producer, the technology SoundSphere can feel all the nuances of music, because every note is sent to the original sound in the form in which it is conceived by the author. Durable aluminum speaker delivers accurate reproduction of musical compositions, and gold-plated connector allows the speaker to achieve an "ideal" signal. High quality sound is achieved thanks to the speakers with the recommendations of outside vysokochastotnikami (tweeters), which provide clean and clear sound in all directions. The design of audio crossovers and the optimal location of the woofer from the bottom and around the tweeter reduce interference and provide a more natural, deep and rich sound.

The patented Philips technology FullSound designed to improve the quality of playback format MP3. Based on the algorithm the final processing of sound, it enriches and enhances the sound, restoring lost compression musical parts.

Micro Philips MCI900 equipped with a digital amplifier class "D" with an output RMS power 2x50 Tues RMS, the effectiveness of which more than 90% higher than that of conventional class AB amplifiers. The amplifier takes an analog signal, converting it to digital, and amplifies it, after which the signal enters the filter demodulation.

Another feature of the system is the availability of technology MCI900 Streamium, allowing to obtain wireless access to a wide variety of music from the Internet or directly from the computer. System MCI900 appear on the Russian market in September 2010.


abendkleid said...

These technology is fully designed which can be covered the high quality of sounds in the form. Here the Philips technology can be full sound designed to improve the quality of playback format Mp3.

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