Nexus FLC-3000 R2 - CPU cooler tilted form with the technology of direct contact

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nexus Technology Company announced the continuation of his released in 2008 CPU cooler FLC-3000. New feature called FLC-3000 R2, and among its features may be noted the unusual angled shape when the block radiator fins, coupled with the fan and thermal tubes at an angle of 30 degrees to the contact database

Additional performance CPU cooler FLC-3000 R2 provides technology HOC, when teplootvodnye tubes are in direct contact with the cooled chip. Dimensions processor cooling system is 128 x 105 x 119 mm, weight 450 grams and is composed of four copper teplootvodnye tube with a diameter of 6 mm aluminum radiator SkiveTek with three types of ribs, and 92 mm fan is equipped with two orange LEDs.

The rotational speed of the fan varies from 900 to 2500 revolutions per minute, and maximum outbound noise with his acoustic work is 24 dB. Add that the CPU cooler FLC-3000 R2 is compatible with processors in the performance of Intel LGA 775/1156/1366 and AMD AM2/AM3, and its price should be around $ 40.