Nintendo Wii console 2 will Blu-ray optical drive?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New information about the next generation of the popular game console, Nintendo Wii, known for the moment, code-named Wii 2. According to rumors circulating on the World Wide Web, the new console hit the market next year and will be equipped with a port, suitable for transmission of HD content (probably meaning the connector HDMI).

In addition, according to the source, the next generation gaming console Nintendo Wii will be the owner of Blu-ray drive and be able to work with optical discs in a suitable format, is gaining increasing popularity in the market of physical media.

Thus, its functionality, the new version of Nintendo Wii may be close to its competitor Sony PS3. However, experts point out that Blu-ray discs and drives are still too expensive compared to their DVD counterparts, but one of the winning moments of Nintendo Wii (which will hopefully continue in the future version of the console) is just a relatively low price.