NVIDIA is preparing the third generation platform Tegra, debuted in mid-2011

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mobile Platform NVIDIA Tegra, are presented in 2008, has not yet received recognition from manufacturers of portable electronics, despite the many advantages realized in it. This product is a solution-type "system on a chip" (SoC, System-on-Chip) and integrates ARM processor, graphics engine, a media and DSP processors and memory controllers and peripherals.

This platform is NVIDIA Tegra has low power consumption and supports playback of high definition video, as well as new-fangled 3D games. However, the leading electronics manufacturers are in no hurry to use the mobile platform in their decisions. Perhaps the most famous devices based on NVIDIA Tegra steel media players Microsoft Zune HD and the Samsung YP-M1.

In order to increase the popularity of its platform, NVIDIA has announced this past January, the second generation of Tegra. However, until now never Blainville no meaningful product based on the Tegra 2, although the chips could be used, for example, in the rapidly expanding segment of the Tablet PC now.

Nevertheless, the NVIDIA do not get discouraged hands and, judging by the information resource Semiaccurate, develop was the third generation of its mobile platform, code-named Tegra 3 (T30). This chipset, according to sources, can be represented in the second quarter of 2011, at the same time will be announced and devices based on it. So far there is no guarantee that the third generation platform Tegra will be luckier than their predecessors.